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The Hubbard Draw Works is the heart of the Hubbard Rig. It's double or single drum design can be adapted to meet the toughest of jobs. Most of the Hubbard Draw Works are built on the same uniquely designed frame, which allows the draw works to be easily maintained in the field. The draw works can be fitted with several different brake assists depending on the customer's particular needs. Heavy-duty right angle gearboxes, oversized shafts and larger brake systems allow for maximum pulling power in any situation.


  • 300 to 1000 class draw works available

  • Swab draw works available

  • Single and Double drums available

  • 38" x 10" to 42" x 12" main drums

  • 38" x 8" and 42" x 8" sand drums

  • 1" and 1-1/8" Lebus grooving

  • 580 and 1000 H.P. rated right angle boxes

  • External 1, 2, and 3 plate clutches

  • Single and double drive chain

  • Cooper style brake system

  • Disk assist, Hydromatic, or water brake

  • Completely machined and assembled in house

  • CNC machined parts for accuracy

  • Heavy duty design and construction

  • Easy maintenance

  • Made in the USA


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